TAMIMI GROUP was established in 1953,by the late founder Chairman, Sheikh Ali A.Tamimi, to carry out Pipeline Construction, General Construction and General construction and related works. During the intervening years, TAMIMI GROUP has expanded into many other fields of operation that has led to its present status as a wide spectrum construction, Contracting ,commercial and manufacturing Group of Companies.

In 1986 the group reorganized and streamlined its operations into more efficient and productive mechanism. The organization known today as the TAMIMI GROUP represents half a Century of development and evolution which has changed the face of Saudi Arabia.

Keenly aware of the Kingdoms growing need for trained nationals, the group actively seeks, recruits, trains and shapes the careers of Saudis in line With the governments Saudization program and prepare them to continue building this great country. Every year ,Saudi students, from three principal educational grades are invited to join the group for their summer vacations who get invaluable first hand experience from one of their countries most successful and diversified groups. while some will aspire to join the group to start their careers, others will use their gained experience to form their own enterprises.

TAMIMI GROUP today harnesses the very broad range of skills and talents of over 9000 people of some 28 different nationalities, distributed throughout several dozen companies engaged in highly diversified activities. 

The TAMIMI GROUP, which consists of some 30 companies or divisions,
Is wholly owned Saudi Arabian entity, with its head office in Dammam and regional offices in all major cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as in Bahrain ,Qatar ,Kuwait and UAE.

The highly diversified Group is one of the leading organizations in the kingdom with such varying activities as:

  • Pipeline &Electro mechanical construction
  • Thrustboring construction
  • Transportation
  • Catering &life support services
  • Operations &Maintenance
  • Supermarkets
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial and Industrial trading
  • Chemical and Oilfield Chemicals manufacturing
  • Power generation manufacturing
  • Technical and logistical Support Services
  • Electrical Transmission Line Construction(AETCON)
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Tape Manufacturing
  • Tire Retreading
  • Insulation Fabrication
  • Hotel operations
  • Laundry operations
  • Integrated Unified instrumentation&Safety Control systems

Among many others,TAMIMI GROUP has joint Venture partnership with :

  • General Electric, USA (3 Joint ventures: MEELSA, MEPCO, SESCO)
  • ITT Federal Services international corporation, USA
  • Arabian Electrical Transmission Line Construction Co.Ltd.,(AETCON)
  • polish Oil &Gas Company (State owned)
  • Silvertech International Plc.,UK

In addition ,the group represents principals such as:

  • Haliliburton engineering services
  • Firestone tires
  • Red wing international U.S.A.
  • Exide batteries
  • Chesterton international U.S.A
  • Silvertech Middle East FZCO,U.A.E.