Arabian Electrical Transmission Line Construction Company (AETCON) is a joint Venture between TAMIMI CO. And ICC (PVT) Limited Pakistan.

AETCON is Registered & Pre-qualified with Saudi Aramco & Saudi Electric Company 33kV - 380kV (OHTL) / 33kV – 132kV (Underground Works) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Co Registration No: 2050034036

Prequalification: “Saudi Electricity Company”

Zakah Certificate No: 5230 (Valid Upto 30-04-2012)

Contractor Classification Certificate No: 30140

Chamber of Commerce and Industry No: 1774

Saudi ARAMCO Registration No: 10007052

Technical Background

  • AETCON’s Technical background goes back from ICC (Pvt). Ltd. Pakistan over 54 years
  • ICC(Pvt.) Limited, has played a vital and active role in trying to achieve the objective of self sufficiency in electrical technology in Pakistan.
  • Over the past 54 years, ICC has worked side by side with WAPDA and has made a major contribution towards the construction of High Voltage Transmission Net Work, sub-stations and power stations in the country. It is proud of the reputation earned in this period, which is reflected through a dynamic list of achievement in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Construction
  • ICC was established in 1958 and at the time it was the first Pakistani Company to undertake Turnkey projects  for construction of Transmission Lines in the country.
  • ICC has done pioneering work in the field of Transmission Lines and High Voltage Transmission Line stretching almost over the entire terrain of Pakistan
  • Over 10,000 KM of Transmission Lines & Distribution Lines ranging from 500kV to 11kV have been constructed to date.